Kalimat Passive Voice dalam Percakapan

Agar lebih memahami konteks pembelajaran bahasa inggris terutama kalimat pasive, perhatikan contoh penggunaan passive voice dalam sebuah percakapan di bawah ini!

1.     Percakapan 1

Reina         : Hi Aira, do you know where is my magazine?

(Hai Aira, apakah kamu tahu di mana majalahku?)

Aira           : Hi, your magazine is being borrowed by Amira.

(Hai, majalahmu sedang dipinjam oleh Amira.)

Reina         : May I have your paper clip?

(Bolehkah aku meminta jepitan kertasmu?)

Aira           : I am sorry, my paper clip has been fallen.

(Aku minta maaf, jepitan kertasku jatuh.)

2.     Percakapan 2

Mitha         : Please lend me that magazine, please!

(Tolong pinjamkan majalah itu padaku!)

Raya          : I am sorry, the magazine is being read by my sister.

(Aku minta maaf, majalah itu sedang dibaca oleh saudara perempuanku).

Mitha         : Emm…okay, please lend me a newspaper!

(Emm…baiklah, tolong pinjamkan koran padaku!)

Raya          : I am sorry Mitha, the newspaper has been brought by my uncle.

(Aku minta maaf Mitha, Koran itu telah dibawa oleh pamanku).

3.     Percakapan 3

Antonio      : Where is your bicycle?

(Di mana sepedamu?)

Angga       : My bicycle is being used by my brother.

(Sepedaku sedang digunakan oleh saudara laki- lakiku.)

Antonio      : Okay. Then, where is your cart?

(Baik. Kemudian di mana gerobakmu?)

Angga         : My cart is being used by my gardener.

(Gerobakku sedang digunakan oleh tukang kebunku.)

4.     Percakapan 4

Aras   : Hi Armi! This noodle is so yummy, did you cook this noodle?

(Hai Armi! Mi ini sangat enak, apakah kamu yang memasak mie ini?)

Armi   : No, Aras. This noodle was cooked by mother this afternoon.

(Tidak, Aras. Mi ini dibuat oleh ibuku sore ini)

Aras   : Why don’t you make it?

(Mengapa kamu tidak membuatnya?)

Armi   : I am not sure the result will be that delicious.

(Aku tidak yakin hasilnya akan seenak itu.)

Aras   : Try it! You can do it!

(Cobalah! Kamu pasti bisa melakukannya!)

Armi   : Okay, maybe next week I will do it.

(Baiklah, mungkin pekan depan aku akan melakukannya.)

Beberapa kata yang bercetak tebal dalam teks percakapan di atas merupakan aplikasi penggunaan passive voice dalam suatu kalimat.

Contoh Soal Passive Voice

Terakhir, agar kalian lebih mantap dalam memahami materi di atas, kalian bisa mengerjakan contoh soal passive voice di bawah ini.

  1. Read the following sentences. And then, decide if the underlined verb is active (A) or passive (P).
1The singer wore a beautiful head piece.
2Today the winners are announced by the committee.
3Ariana presented an Panasonic Award.
4A committee chooses the winner.
5You can see the movie on DVD.
6Tom Cruise has been seen in many videos.
7They are presenting an award now.
8They have chosen the best movie.
9The designer has been nominated many times.
10Old videos were filmed in monochrome.
11They announced the winner’s name.
12They will pick the best movie.
13Many singer live in Indonesia.
14Many movies are made in Hollywood.
15They are going to pick the best movie.
16The actress thanked all the people who helped her win.
17The actress was driven to the ceremony in a white limousine.
18Hollywood was built at the beginning of the twentieth century.
19Hollywood has become the movie capital of the U.S.
  1. Fill in the blanks! You can choose with passive voice of the verb. And then, use the tense or modal given.
1The best singer ______ ______an OscargiveThe best actor is given an Oscar
2The awards ceremony ______ ______by millions of people.see
3A new theater ______ ______ near my house at this
4We can’t get into the movie theater because all the tickets______ ______ already.sell
5Which actor ______ ______next year?choose
6No one knows why the award ______ ______ “Oscar.”call
7Slumdog Millionaire______ ______ as the best film of 2009.choose
8In a movie theater, coming attractions______ ______ before the feature film
9Tau movie ______ ______at many theaters.can / see
10Did you watch the Harry Potter movie? No, but it ______ ______ by my
11I went to the lobby to buy popcorn, and my seat______ ______.take
12Many movies ______ ______about World War II.make
13Kate Winslet______ ______ the best actress award in 2009.give
14Before 1941, the winners’ names______ ______ in newspapers the night before the ceremony.publish
15A good movie______ ______ at a theater near my
16Sound ______ ______ to movies in 1927.add
17The Kodak Theatre, where the awards ______ ______each year, in 2001.present
18Star Wars______ ______ in 1977.make
19In 1929, only fifteen Oscars ______ ______.present
20The movie______ ______ on TV many
21Hurry! The winners______ ______ in ten minutes.announce
22Over 2,000 Academy Awards______ ______ out since 1929.give
23Children ______ ______ to see some movies.not/allow
24In 1929, only one award______ ______ to a woman.give
25Movie listings ______ ______ in the newspaper.can/find
26When is sound added to movies? It______ ______ in 1927.add
27Let’s get some popcorn. It ______ ______ right now.make
28Movies______ ______ in Hollywood.often / make
29Most American movies ______ ______ in Hollywood.make
30How many movies______ ______ in black and white?film
31The movie ______ ______in black and
  1. Fill in the blanks! Choose the active or passive voice of the verb. You can use the tense indicated.
1saw an old movie on TV last night.see
2Walt Disney ______ his studio to Hollywood.move
3Walt Disney ______in Hollywood most of his
4Many movies ______ in Hollywood.make
5Steven Spielberg______many movies.make
6Disney ______in 1966.die
7Today’s animations ______using computers.create
8We ______ a DVD this
9Vera Wang ______beautiful
10Cartoon characters look like they______.move
11Even today, Disney’s old cartoons ______beautiful.look
12The actress ______ a dress that ______ by Ralph Lauren.(wear) (design)
13Who______the music for the movie? The music by Randy Newmanwrite
14Most of his cartoons ______by studio artists.draw
15Walt Disney______ 26 Oscars.give
16The first Academy Awards presentation ______ 250 guests.have
17Walt Disney ______most of his cartoon characters.not/draw
19Computer animation______in many movies.use
20Walt Disney______ famous when he______ Mickey Mouse.(become) (create)
21Movie reviewers ______predictions weeks before the Oscar presentation.make
22His cartoons ______all over the world.see

Dengan belajar passive voice, secara tidak langsung kalian telah belajar merangkai kalimat dalam narrative text dan juga descriptive text. Beberapa kumpulan contoh soal passive voice di atas akan memudahkanmu dalam mengenali dan mengasah kemampuan lebih dalam tentang passive voice.