Digital Marketing In Non-Profit Fundraising

The Importance Of Digital Marketing In Non-Profit Fundraising

Non-profit companies need steady and recurring donations to continue operations. Most non-profits focus on raising awareness to increase both donations and volunteer numbers. Making an emotional connection is extremely important for non-profit organizations. When someone is emotionally touched by an Ad or an image, they are more likely to donate their time or money. Potential donors want to know what value a non-profit is providing and how their personal donation will be used. Images, content, and video must all reach out and touch the emotions of the target audience. If a person feels a genuine connection and understands the need, they may be more likely to donate or volunteer. A branding agency Melbourne like AP Web Solutions uses digital marketing methods to help non-profit organizations reach their audience through the Internet. Although they are based in Melbourne, they serve local businesses all over Australia. Here’s more information about their Perth office: Some of the factors in their social media marketing strategy are as follows: –


Research shows that people are more likely to donate when they are prompted by images instead of words. Pictures can clearly portray the emotion and are more successful at touching people than content. A picture of a starving child or someone struggling with cancer will create a greater emotional connection. People tend to be more visual and will react positively to the right image because of empathy.

Personal Stories

Non-profits should allow donors and recipients to provide their personal stories. This user-generated content will help educate and spread the word about the mission and services of the non-profit. These stories should be prominently placed on the organization’s website and Facebook page. Storytelling is a very effective way to engage with potential donors. Many current donors will have good stories to tell and these stories may help inspire others to donate.

social media marketing by bloggingBlogging

A non-profit organization in Melbourne can keep their site updated and fresh with frequent blog posts. Blogging helps highlight specific topics and create awareness, especially in local communities. Well-written content will engage the audience and make them more likely to want to learn more or become involved. Use the blog posts to demonstrate the need and then give a call to action. It also helps to create awareness and gather a following from people who support a cause.

Online And Mobile Donations

Today, most people research and learn online or via a mobile app. The successful non-profit will ensure their website takes online donations and is mobile-friendly. Visitors will be arriving at the company’s website through their laptop, smartphone, and tablet, so it must be easy for them to donate using any and all of these devices. The donation page must be easily accessible and able to be read on any device. The donate button should be clearly visible and the donation process user-friendly. If a donor gets frustrated trying to make a donation, they may just cancel out and never return.

Provide Value

Everyone is a little bit selfish and like it when they can get something of value for their contribution. A non-profit company can provide gift cards or small promotional items to people who donate online or by mobile app. There are many organizations who will partner with a charitable company to give part of the sales proceeds to them if the organization’s website directs visitors their way.

Using online marketing strategies such as SEO can also be a very effective method. Non-profits can use digital marketing to raise awareness of their cause and gather new donors and volunteers.

Food Manufacturing & Storage Companies In Australia

Food Manufacturing & Storage Companies In Australia Must Follow Strict Guidelines

Food manufacturing and storage go hand in hand and? each company handles things differently based on its specific industry. For example, some food manufacturing companies handle all of their own storage prior to shipping their products to various retailers. Other food manufacturing companies send off their products to third party storage facilities after the manufacturing process is completed.

picture of food storage facility in sydney

To ensure stability and consistency across the board, laws have been established so that the companies all conduct this process in a safe and responsible way. If a food manufacturing company handles its own storage, there are many things that can be done to help improve storage space. Manufacturing facilities that produce food not only produce large quantities but are also constantly moving things around. Everything must be done according to specific food handling guidelines as well.

To improve storage space to accommodate this type of operation, there are consolidation solutions that can be used. Sometimes manufacturing facilities that store their own food might also look at outsourcing storage options if they have too much product. It’s very important that everything is stored safely in cool dry places or as per the recommended guidelines for specific types of food.

Companies can come into a manufacturing facility as well and help design customized storage solutions that maximize space and help meet the needs of the food manufacturing company. There are all kinds of storage solutions, many of which manufacturing facilities might not know about until they contact one of these companies for help. Of course, not only is storage important, but quick retrieval is also important. Retrieval of the right product is important as well because of the first come first serve rule when it comes to food storage. Manufacturing facilities have to be on top of this when they are storing food that has been produced.

food handling
Different types of food call for all different kinds of storage, too. This is one factor that has everything to do with different storage solutions and even customized options. Of course, companies also have to think about pest control when it comes to storing food. Measures are taken by the facility itself to have certain standards in place, and of course, employees must follow all guidelines and regulations for food handling, storage and safety in order in order to avoid pest infestation.

As you can imagine, not only the type of storage and type of food come into play but the environment itself is a major factor as well. Of course, when it comes to food storage and manufacturing companies in Australia, only approved pesticides are going to be able to be used. It’s no secret that the rules are strict concerning food manufacturing and storage because all this food is making its way to people’s homes.

The storage of food that is manufactured is just as important as the manufacturing of the food itself. Food manufacturing and storage companies in Australia are inspected and audited to ensure that everything is done according to regulations. Companies whose facilities and processes aren’t up to par are going to be in hot water.

Fighting Hunger In Australia

In Australia, just like many other parts of the world, there are people who are hungry. It may be a hidden social problem, but it exists. In Australia, more than two million people rely on some type of food relief and almost half of these people are children. That comes out to almost one in ten Australians who are food poor. There are charities which provide food for these people so they will not go hungry. These charities use a variety of tools to get the word out on their services, including newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, emails, and media advertising.

These methods serve two purposes. They help educate people who may be helped and they educate those who might donate. Charities cannot continue operations without money and the people who need help are like to not reach out if they are not aware of the services.

Foodbank is the largest hunger relief organization in Australia. They provide food relief for hundreds of thousands of Australians every year. Foodbank provides food to more than 2,500 charities and more than 860 schools every year. This food is then given to those who are suffering from hunger. In 2015, Foodbank provided more than 40 million meals to Australians. Most of this food are? surplus food which is then redistributed to the poor.

To meet the ever-growing need for food for the hungry in Australia, Foodbank has begun sourcing its own food. Starting at the farm, Foodbank is sourcing meat, grains, fruits, vegetables, and milk and then distributing this food to hunger charities or to the Foodbank manufacturing partners who create key staples to help feed the hungry. These staples include pasta, cereal, sauces, and sausages.

The food rescue program accepts donations of food which is fit for human consumption. This is often food which would otherwise be thrown away. Foodbank also accepts personal products such as toothpaste, soap, and shampoo, as well as household products such as cleaning products and laundry detergent. These are then redistributed to Australian charities who get them to those in need.

The staples program is helping build a sustainable supply of food in Australia. Donated foods simply cannot meet the demand, especially the staples required to create simple, nutritious meals. To help alleviate this problem, Foodbank is partnering with several food companies who subsidize or donate the services and ingredients to process, produce, and package food items such as pasta, breakfast cereals, sauce and tinned vegetables and fruits.

Even with these efforts, the demand continues to outweigh supply and more than 60,000 people are turned away at the doors by hungry relief organizations within Australian. This means Foodbank, as well as other Australian hunger relief charities, must educate potential donors on how they can help. To do this, the charities use newsletters which highlight the need and the statistics which prove the case. They also send emails to potential donors asking for their help to meet the demand for services.

Hungry people in Australia need our help. Donations of food, time and money are the only way everyone will be able to eat tonight.